Education & License

Licensed Professional Counselor Intern #78847 (direct line: 512-256-6844)

Supervised by Lora Ferguson, LPC-S #62345   (direct line: 512-308-6387)

Bachelor's Degree in English, The University of Texas at Austin

Master's Degree in Counseling, Covenant Theological Seminary, St. Louis, MO

Advanced Certifications

Certified Prepare-Enrich Facilitator, 2017

Certified Positive Discipline Parenting Educator, 2017,  Austin, TX

Professional Memberships

Austin In Connection

About Emily

Hi, I'm Emily Griesbeck, and I am a Licensed Professional Counselor Intern in Austin, Texas, supervised by Lora Ferguson, LPC-S. I am a part of Beacon Counseling, a group practice in downtown Austin with Jonathan May, LPC. I work with teens, college students, adults and couples. If you are thinking about therapy, there is often something weighing you down-your own heart, something major, such as divorce or the death of a loved one, or a desire to have another voice in your life. Know that whatever it might be, you are not alone. It is part of being human to have seasons of transition, darkness, confusion, or grief. I see therapy as a relationship-a collaborative, working partnership of care, challenge, and growth. Therapy is unique for every adult and child. While our past wounds can remind us of where we have been, they do not have to determine who we are becoming. It can feel scary and vulnerable to begin counseling, and yet this space often brings about new pathways of living -a beautiful emergence that later on, we are all the more grateful for. 

Counseling Framework 

It is our first experience within our families that paves the ways in which we learn who we are and how to be in relationship with others, the world, and ourselves. We grow, become adults, and continue to function in relationship, often in ways that can prevent us from a flourishing life of giving and receiving love. We often figure this out when we realize that things are not working-within our hearts and within our relationships.

Counseling can be a helpful avenue of insight, growth, and transformation. It does not happen all at once. It is a journey of becoming more yourself. My therapeutic approach starts with ease, genuineness and acceptance. I want you to feel safe, seen, and cared for- first and foremost. These elements are the soil, the groundwork in which good therapy begins. Research indicates that the greatest indicator of change in therapy actually happens as a result of the relationship between client and therapist. I have seen this to be true. While you agree to come to sessions, I also commit to showing up-offering you safety, a listening ear, skills, and care. 

I am committed to forging a pathway through your predicament, with your best interest at heart.  My hope is that our work within the counseling office might equip you with a new relational experience and the necessary skills to participate in life.

Past Experience

Over the past 10 years, my therapeutic background has been shaped through my personal and professional experiences working alongside youth and their parents. I have guided groups of high school students on backpacking trips through the Colorado backcountry and lived abroad. While my clinical training centers upon working with children of divorce and family transition, I am passionate about helping all parents in their journey toward nurturing and connecting with their kids. I am interested in offering safe spaces for parents to look at their own relational history and discern how these patterns intersect with their own parenting journey.

Most recently, I worked as a licensed therapist with Kids In The Middle, a non-profit agency that provides individual and group counseling for families in the midst of separation and divorce. I led weekly therapy groups for kids ages 5-7, as well as for teen boys, in a fun, confidential, and calming environment.

In the Saint Louis City Elementary schools, I provided individual and group counseling for students who experienced a wide range of trauma and adverse childhood experiences, including parental incarceration or death, homelessness, grief & loss, and neighborhood violence. In addition to my work with kids and parents, I also enjoy working with college students and adult men and women around a variety of issues. 

Relationships are hard and often full of tremendous pain, grief, and confusion. I also know that relationships have the capacity to heal. I bring balance to my life through spending time outdoors, running, practicing yoga, and being with my husband. Please feel free to contact me with further questions or to explore the possibility of working together.