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Kids & Play Therapy

I am passionate about helping families flourish within the parent-child relationship. I enjoy working with children as young as 4 yrs. through play therapy. Children communicate best through play. It is crucial for their mental health and development, and it is often the primary way young kids express their emotions. In addition to providing play therapy itself, I also help parents strengthen their attachment to their children through play therapy coaching (filial therapy). 

When you’re free, you can play and when you’re playing, you become free.
— Heidi Kaduson

Individual Therapy for Teens, College Students, and Adults

A collaborative, confidential, and caring environment

Be easy. Take your time. You are coming home to yourself.
— Nayirah Waheed

Separation, Divorce, & Parenting

Whatever your situation may be, there is hope as you and your children seek to re-build and re-define your family in the midst of separation, divorce, or an absent parent.

Many parents fear that counseling during a divorce might hurt their child even more. Yet, children are deeply intuitive, and they feel what is happening within their family, no matter how much you avoid talking about it or try to hide it. If they are worried about mom or dad, then they are hurting. Research indicates that children who are given the opportunity to process what is happening in their family in a fun, therapeutic context, end up with more head and heart space to actually be a kid! To be a kid...that is what we want for them. It is not about loving one parent more than the other. It's about giving them space to share what is on their hearts without fear of it being used against them. When children begin to learn how to talk about their family and feelings at an early age, they carry this skill into their adult relationships. Counseling affirms and normalizes their experience, so that they do not feel like they are the only kid going through this. Because they are not.

What is divorce? It’s a dark shadow that follows my heart wherever I go.
— child, age 8

Couples Therapy

Conflict, loneliness, anger, resentment, betrayal, fighting, different versions of the good life...these can come up in our relationships. It is normal to have seasons that ebb and flow with your partner, yet sometimes, the rough spot never seems to end. With kids and bills, there isn't much time to think about what is happening between the two of you. There is hope, even in your dark season. 



Therapeutic Interests:

Relationship Difficulties

Grief & Loss

Divorce or Separation

Adult Children of Alcoholics 

Past Abuse 

Identity and Life Purpose

Spiritual Growth

Life Transition


Young Women Entering Adulthood



For more information on fees, please get in touch.  While I do not take insurance, I am committed to your health and to helping you find a fee that works for us both. If I am not the right fit for you, I would be happy to help connect you to an excellent therapist here in Austin.

If you have questions or are interesting in learning more about how therapy works, please contact me.